People LOVE 21-Days!



I thought I’d never meet the right man, then I bought this book, did the work and within 6 months I  met the Love of My Life who was right under my nose but I didn’t see him. This book changed my life, and his~ K.C. S.F.


After my wife died, it took me 3 years to even think about dating again. I read this book and a year later I followed the instructions. I learned a lot about myself which helped me find a second love. My fiance and I will be married next month. ~B.T. VA.


After five relationships fell apart, I thought I was doomed to be alone. This book, and the workbook, helped me get my romantic life on track. My dating is great and I know I’ll find the Love of My Life very soon.  ~Hopeful in Ohio, J.N.


I have three sisters and as the oldest I was the last to get married. If it hadn’t been for this book and 21-Day process I don’t know if I’d have even kept looking for Mr. Right.  ~B.J. ID


I was going on dates just because I was bored and didn’t want to be alone. Now, after reading the book and working the process, I make my dates count towards finding lasting love.  ~E.M. CO.


I tried 4 dating services and they all failed. My friend gave me this 21 Day book for my birthday and after reading the stories and taking the advice, I actually found a husband. We’ve been married eight years now and we’re still in love.  ~H.G. KY


I had a lot of fun reading the book. I bought several copies for my girlfriends. They worked the 21 Day process and all of them found husbands.I didn’t. After I worked the process I found the love of my life and  invited them to my wedding. It worked for me once I put in 21 days.  ~S.J. FL.


I worked the process three times. Each time I learned more about myself and what I wanted in a relationship. I found someone after each time, but the first two were just rehearsals for my third and final love. I am so happy that I finally have the Love of My Life. ~P.D. CA