Are You Single and All Alone for the Holidays?

heart-and-santaThe holidays can have you excited and festive, or they can have you down and blue.  If you’re between relationships or feeling particularly single and lonely, don’t brood about it.  Here are some tips for your holidays if you’re alone this time of year.

  • There are many organizations that can use your help this time of year. Sign up for one of them and help out.
  • If you sing or play an instrument, join a chorale group or a band and raise your spirits through music.
  • Help at an animal shelter. Use your online skills to take photos and show adoptable pets.
  • Hospitals can use people to distribute gifts and donated items. Volunteer to help read to the elderly or blind and see how you can use your gifts to assist another.
  • Join a church. Find out what’s offered in your community and associate with a group that shares your spiritual beliefs.
  • Find chat groups that are willing to get out into the community and help others. The homeless are cold this time of year, many people donate items but they need to reach the people who need them.
  • Become an Uber driver. You can meet people and provide a service as well as make money at the same time.
  • Send out greeting cards to your long-lost friends and reconnect.
  • Use social media to get into groups outside your home.
  • Do not sit alone and fret. Get up, get out and put your focus on someone or something other than yourself and your feelings of being alone. Watch what happens.