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Love Is In The Air

etherial heartsAre you feeling like everyone has a great love life but you? February can be a hard month when everyone else is getting cards, having romantic dinners and you are sitting at home in front of your computer trying to figure out why you’re not in that mix. But haven’t we all been there before? Some say you can’t have money, career and romance all at the same time; something has to suffer.  Your’re either working too hard to pay the bills, or you’re successful in business but not at romance. Or, you’ve got a great lover, but no job and your savings are dwindling. Sound familiar?

If you feel that it’s one or the other, then let me cheer you up. You CAN have everything at the same time, in degrees, it just takes some clever management to balance out the demands of each sector. I am in awe of moms and dads who work hard at their jobs, take care of their kids, and seem to still have time for date nights.  Every category gets some attention, but not all at the same time.

The first thing you want to do, if you are feeling pressured and over-challenged in one area or another, is to make a list of what matters most to you. Select five categories and rank them in order. For example, do you consider, career, family, money, leisure, travel, romance, health, or success at the top of your list?  How do the others rate in order of importance? What else is important to you? Write them all down. Once you have a list, cut it down to five and there’s your answer.

Start concentrating on those five, using the top three as primary areas of desires and divide your waking day into thirds.  Give each area of your life one-third of your focus and see how that works for you. Obviously, if you work 9-5 you can’t be on the phone with your partner for 3 hours a day, but you can concentrate on your romantic life when you take a break.

Or, you can do something for your health part of the time if you have ranked health in your top three. You’ll begin to see how easy it is to bring these top three important choices into your consciousness when you create the time and space to focus on it. Energy flows where attention goes, so make sure you start giving mental, emotional and physical energy to the things you care about most and want to flourish in your life. You can shift them around and re-rank them at any time.

If you want love and romance, start looking for it. Work the 21 Day process and let your energy start to attract another person into your life.  I’ve watched this happen successfully for decades. You can have it, too.  There’s no magic or mystery, just plain old concentration and focus. That’s what gets the job done.  There is no reason you can’t have the love of your life.  And, you can get started finding it today.

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