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Heart Easy: The Food Lover’s Guide to Heart Healthy Living  

Heart Easy™ shows you how to create your family’s favorite recipes in a way that is yummier than ever and heart-healthy too. Your food doesn’t need to taste like cardboard to be heart- healthy and you don’t need to eat like a rabbit…. Let me show you how.







Cheese Dome Power

Cheese Dome Power

Cheese Dome Power: It’s a life changer, a circumstance rearranger. Anyone can use it. Put your concerns, cares troubles and woes under the dome and watch what happens. Skeptical? The book is filled with true stories from real people whose lives have been changed by Cheese Dome Power. So easy a 3rd grader can do it – this book contains the uncomplicated solution to all your life challenges (and those of your friends and the rest of the world, too). Read the reviews, get on the Cheese Dome Bandwagon and watch your life change for the good.






supreme healingSupreme Healing 

Supreme Healing is a breakthrough approach to healing from any kind of illness or condition (mental or physical) one may have. The information in this book helps to heal the body, mind and soul in active harmony with natural life forces and human healing power. How healing occurs is not fully understood by any branch of science or medicine, but that is does occur is certain. Supreme Healing explores the mystery of healing and provides a direct path to the inner wisdom every human being possesses and demonstrates how to access that information any time






Spiritual Genius Discover Your Spiritual Genius

Spiritual Genius is the shortcut to a Spiritually fulfilled life. This is the beginner’s guide to knowing your spiritual self and unleashing the power of your inherent Spiritual Genius. With humor and humanity, the author offers a compendium of helpful shortcuts to fast-track spiritual development.








FS the easy wayFeng Shui the Easy Way

The practice of Feng Shui is ancient and effective. But unraveling its wisdom can be both confusing and frustrating to a 21st century mind. This book cuts through the mystery and superstition to provide sound guidance, direction and simple shortcuts to proven Feng Shui principles and practices that can create immediate results in your environment and your life.







Dancing with the MoonDancing With The Moon

In the beginning of human history there were no clocks, no calendars and no electricity – only the phases of the moon and the cycles of the sun. Using knowledge of these, people gained control over their lives, environment, and circumstances. You can do the same today by using the 29.5 day cycles of the eight phases of the moon. The power of the moon controls the tides of the ocean. Your body is primarily comprised of water and the moon has a definite effect on that water and the other fluids in your body. Use the information in Dancing With the Moon to harness the moon’s power to create better health and well being in every area of your life.





Path to FabulousThe Path to Fabulous

The Path to Fabulous is a full-tilt-boogie journey to the rest of your life. This book helps you turn the mundane into the extraordinary and gives you the boost you need to make your life deeper, richer, full of meaning and a lot more fun. You will learn how to discover your own fabulousness, and a sure-fire way to enhance your experience of life. Being fabulous is contagious. Catch the spirit and pass it on.







Gold MindGold Mind 

Open your mind: create your wealth.Gold Mind is an entertaining how-to for anyone who wants to increase personal wealth. It doesn’t matter whether you have inherited millions, are looking to add meaning to your financial life,k or if you are down to your last dime and trying to figure out what to do next. This book shows the steps for successfully prospecting your personal treasure.







The Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies

Healing is our birthright. The Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies makes the Bach Flower remedies easy to use. It gives you quick ways to diagnose a problem and apply the correct remedy to alleviate it. This book uses simple, direct and easy-to-understand summaries and shortcuts.

You can heal yourself, your family, friends, children and pets with this safe remedies. The Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies gets you started right away on the natural path for healing.